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Arcade machines for sale

over 10 years experience

We specialise in making retro arcade cabinets here for the home so you can enjoy playing all those classic games from the 1980's again.
A family run business established in 2002 with an outstanding reputation for build quality and after sales service.
We were one of the first people here in the UK to design and manufacture arcade cabinets exclusively for the home.

We pride ourselves on quality and innovation of design considering ourselves one of the leaders in this field.
All our arcade machines for sale are built to the highest quality and come with 1 years parts warranty and 5 years tech support as standard.
These are ideal  for playing your favourite retro games at home.

Take a look at our portfolio of arcade cabinets we have built over the last 11 years.
We can make completely customised arcade tables and upright arcades to your specifications.

These family fun arcade machines are a perfect unique birthday gift
maybe for a 40th or a 50th birthday present we could arrange the arcade table to be delivered on the big day

We can arrange delivery all over the UK, Europe and the World.
We can ship to London, Kent, Manchester, West Midlands, Yorkshire, Scotland, Devon, Cornwall,  Ireland, Wales, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, UAE, and Dubai

Dual Light Gun Floating effect Custom Options
Click to see our full range of arcades
We sell  mini arcades, coffee, cocktail tables and uprights
We are the only company that can offer complete customisation
including neon lights, different finishes to match rooms.


Ghost and Goblins Arcade Machine
We can offer full custom artwork.
If you have a favourite retro game that you have always loved and would
like a custom design on the sides of the cabinet.
Battlezone Arcade Machine
We can offer fully customised cabinet shapes and sizes including unique controls.

Special one off builds from 3D concept drawing to finished cabinet click here to see more photos of this tron machine

3d concept tron aracde cabinet

Trade shows one off cabinets with branding to promote your product/software
click here

Atari missile command arcade machine


Tron Joystick Control Panel
dark wood finish arcade table

wood finish arcade
wood finishes for that warm natural feel


We have a great facts and trivia section about retro games called Did you know?
being arcade enthusiasts our self we have picked up many weird and wonder facts about retro games. This includes tips on playing and scans of originals flyers.
There are some great retro gaming documentaries and movies out there that you should check out, I bet some of them you have never heard of.


We make many different styles of cabinets
from low coffee tables for a lounge, mini bartop arcades which are portable to full size arcade cocktail tables and upright machines for sale.
to see the full range click here
of course we can custom design cabinets tailor made to you specification. just email or call 02920 888081


Our past clients and applications include
Celebrities and sports stars who require one off cabinets
Game developers to show off their latest apps and games at trade show exhibitions
see this example of trade show machines
Universities for students to develop games on
Trade show arcade cabinets
Media companies that need arcade cabinets for promotion campaigns
Major hotel chains who want arcade tables to match existing furniture
Night clubs for V.I.P lounges with club branding
Cabinets for people with disabilities and learning difficulties

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