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ultimate upright arcade

streetfighter mame arcade photo Driving Arcade Machine Steering Wheel

upright aracade machine uk

Custom designs available

Photos for demonstrating purposes only

This cabinet has an Optional Steering wheel and pedals add on now available for playing driving games!!
great for Outrun, Pole Position, Super off Road etc..
constructed of heavy Cast metal with a smooth back finish just like the original arcade machines used.


This arcade system is designed so you can add your own retro games to build your collection of your all time favourite games

usb port
Fitted with 2 x external USB port and hard drive system this allows you to add your games simply and quickly using the automated menu system.
it can play so many games you won't get bored
Thousands of games are freely available,
Ergonomically designed with unique dimensions to ensure hours of game play
An example list of the games this machine can play


technical specification

  - Pinball flipper buttons
- Glowing extractor fan with Chrome Grill,
- Spinner Control,
- Large glowing Trackball,
- LCD high resolution screen 4:3 square aspect
- 6 red arcade buttons each
- 2 x High Quality Japanese 4-8 way changeable joysticks
ideal for all -8 way retro arcade games
or we can fit black 8 way happ competition joysticks
traditional for fighting games
-enable nostalgic CRT fx or a LCD cleaner look  (click here for examples)
Awesome sound
- 10" Sub Woofer with extra super bass
- Stereo speaker system for the authentic retro game sounds (German HiFi speakers very high quality)
- Cinema sound system amplifier & EQ
- Use the cabinet as a jukebox,
play music off your mp3 player/phone
through the cabinet speakers

- External USB socket
- Internal DVD player/writer for fast bulk file transfer
- Neon Marquee
- Easy transport wheels and carry handles
- Height adjustable leg levellers
- Toughened safety glass
- Chrome edging
- Glowing cooling fan
- The high quality brushless cooling fan runs completely silently

- Custom menu system for running mame and other emulators
SOLID STATE DRIVE TECHNOLOGY inside for reliability and almost instant load times.
- Hyperspin compatible

Approximate Dimensions
- 1630mm High (1700mm with the adjustable feet)
- 620mm Width
- 600mm Depth
- Shallow footprint so it fits in small rooms

Optional extras
Cast Iron mini steering wheel it has same feel as the old Pole Position arcade wheel
- plugin driving pedals
- Recoil kick on the guns when you fire!

extra lightgun for player 2


if you are looking for an authentic gaming experience the way you remember playing these games, then you'll need to play the games with the original controls they used

arcade controls explained

different marquees available

"I'm quite gob smacked as to how good the upright is and the work gone into it."

  Ultimate upright machine
1 x Subwoofer with super bass
2 x 4-8 way  joysticks
choice of illuminated or retro concave classic buttons (please tell us the colour)

£1495 free UK delivery
Ultimate upright machine 1 x light gun
1 x trackball
1 x spinner

1 x Subwoofer with super bass
2 x 4-8 way  joysticks
choice of illuminated or retro concave classic buttons (please tell us colour)

£ 2195

Optional add on's available
Steering wheel and pedals
Recoil kick for light guns
player 2 extra lightgun
automatic 4-8 way switch joysticks

27" wide screen machine!

Higher Pro Specifcations
27" HD screen
2 x light guns
2 x Recoil kick systems for light guns
1 x illuminated trackball
1 x spinner
1 x Steering wheel
1 x plug in Driving Pedals

1 x 10" Subwoofer with super bass
2 x 4-8 way joysticks

choice of illuminated or retro concave classic buttons (please tell us colour)

£ 2595
optional add on's available
automatic 4-8 way switch joysticks

There are many optional extras you can add to this please contact us and ask

tron joystick for arcade
27" screen fitted with an optional Tron style flightstick
(outrun game for demo purposes only)



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