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arcade table with a spinner control

This hard drive based arcade and ideal for the arcade enthusiast
don't confuse this model  with a cheap jamma board model like you find on ebay this model is far superior

  - 6 buttons per control with traditional retro feel red in colour
- Spinner Control
- High Quality Switchable 4 or 8 way  joystick Sanwa Japanese
- Neon lighting above the controls
- 2 x pinball side buttons (only arcade cabinet to have these)

- Precision cut cabinet using computer controlled cutting machines
- Brand new 
LCD 19" High Resolution HD screen 5:4 square ratio!!
- External USB port
- Credit button for instant credits no more hassle searching for coins (no coin box fitted)
- service button JAMMA only
- Independent exit game button
- Jet black melamine laminate finish scratch resistant
- Electric 800mm blue neon thermaltake fan with chrome grill on one side
- Extra vents in the base
- Chrome protective rubber edging
- 6mm Re-Enforced safety glass
- controller
- Ultra reliable hardware
- Easy access maintenance panels
- Amplifier EQ Treble and Bass adjustment
- First class after sales service
- British built quality these are not overseas imports all parts  are high quality
- Amp and high quality 12v & 5v power supply inside
- 2 x German speakers for deep rich sound
- UK or euro power cable
- 12 months parts warranty
- 5 years technical support included!

- highest quality cabinets you will find on the market

- Height 617mm
- Length 990mm
- Width 563mm
- Weight approx 50kg


spinner control
It's an analog controller for playing classic games with precision control

arkanoid arcade game dial Tempest

arcade spinner

A heavy weight flywheel control originally seen in the arcades to play games like Breakout, Arkanoid,
Tron and the brilliant space game Tempest plus many more.
It's an analogue control system so it gives you very precise control.

Q: Screen aspect
The original arcade screens were all square  aspect,all the games were designed for this shape screen.
Back in the 1980's most coffee table arcades used 13" screens and 19" for cocktail tables.  
 We use 19" square aspect screens in all our tables, this means games will fill the screen and look proportionally correct. 



This arcade system is designed so you can add your own retro games to build your collection of your all time favourite games allowing you to play thousands of games!

usb port
Fitted with an external USB port and hard drive system this allows you to add your games simply and quickly using the automated menu system.
it can play so many games you won't get bored
Thousands of games are freely available,
Ergonomically designed with unique dimensions to ensure hours of game play
An example list of the games this machine can play

For hard drive based arcades like this we use high quality modified and refurbished PC's with Solid State Drive for maximum speed(10 x faster than regular drives).
  These are rigorously tested for 48 hours and meet all the power required to run retro games.
The PC is covered with warranty and the 5 years tech support.
If you wish to have a specific spec PC fitted inside please contact us with requirements for a quote.
The arcade  system runs on a tried and tested customised OS which is hidden, this means it will boot straight into the game menu in seconds and operate exactly like an authentic arcade machine.
Being arcade fans ourselves we want the experience to be exactly like you remember to bring back that nostagic feeling.



classic arcade table arkanoid

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 Arcade Machine for Sale

£1295 with spinner

£1195 no spinner

These are the highest quality cabinets you will find on the market

free arcade stools with the order

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Classic JAMMA cocktail Table Version

Multi-Arcade artwork top (free upgrade)


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